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CCXI credit rating co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as \"CCXI\", English abbreviation \"CCXI\") is by the people's bank of China head office, the ministry of commerce approved by the People's Republic countries, in China the state administration for industry and commerce registration of sino-foreign joint venture, the credit rating agency. On April 13, 2006, the Chinese integrity credit management co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as \"sincerity\" in China, English abbreviation \"CCX\") with the world famous rating agency Moody's investors service (hereinafter referred to as Moody's, Moody & # 39; s) signed an agreement to sell ccxi credit rating co., LTD. 49% stake in; Trademark affairs department of the 15th August 2006 formally approved the share purchase agreement, ccxi formally becomes a member of moody's investors service. As the pioneers of China's home-grown rating cause, Chinese integrity (ccxi) since it was founded in 1992, has been leading the development of our country's credit rating industry, innovation has developed dozens of credit rating business, including corporate bond rating, the rating of short-term financing bonds, medium-term notes rating, convertible bond rating, credit rating, the insurance company for enterprises, trust product rating rating, money market funds, asset securitization rating, corporate governance ratings, etc. In recent years, chengxin international in the aspect of credit rating business completed several pioneering rating business and technology, new rating business and technological innovation greatly promoted the development of the Chinese market, improve the technical level of China's credit ratings. Ccxi's national development and reform commission approved the corporate bond rating agencies; Is approved by the people's bank of China interbank bond market credit rating agencies; Issued by the China insurance regulatory commission on May 30, 2003, the \"measures for the management of insurance company investment enterprise bonds will ccxi listed as the first approved credit ratings agencies. Ccxi's, a rating agency, association of interbank traders in China market for the first session of the standing director unit. The national interbank funding center in 2006 and 2006 in the inter-bank bond market held a vote by the interbank market investors five rating, a rating agency, ccxi for two consecutive years ranked first.

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